"NORITAKA TATEHANA meets Gervasoni is the collaboration project between Noritaka Tatehana, the artist who embodies the traditional Japanese culture in our time, and Gervasoni. Noritaka Tatehana have produced the Nishijin-ori fabric for the project with HOSOO, the company which was founded over 300 years ago. We launch the special edition of GHOST; the exclusively produced fabric whose pattern inspired by a folklore of 'The Crows that have shiny feathers' decorates GHOST. The fabric produced by skilled craftsman has the variation of 3 colors (black, red and silver) and has the elegant touch of silk yarn. Besides, the naturalness of the material is highlighted by the traditional technique 'Fukurashi-ori' realized by the latest technology of data processing. The harmony of the creativity of modern artist and skill of craftsman creates the furniture as 'art"